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Friday, January 27, 2012

Sticker Shapes

     I decided to make a somewhat educational artwork project for JT and Finn this week. I saw a friend of mine do something similar and I thought it could be fun. Take stickers and put them on the outline of different shapes. Very good fine motor skills activity. I created this worksheet in Word and purchased the stickers from the $1 bin at Target.

 After lining up many stickers on the edge of the table for the boys for easy grabbing, they started sticking their stickers!

 It took quite a bit of effort transferring the sticker from their fingers to the paper. 

 The stickers didn't always make the line, but that's ok :)

 I think if we continue to do this activity every so often, the boys skills will continue to improve. I'm thinking of using block letters next time.

 JT must be concentrating - his tongue is out.

 Finn very focused on his paper.

 All done- Finn did a great job!

JT happy with his work- great job!

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