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Friday, January 20, 2012


     John and I have been blessed with some fantastic kids- seriously. Taking a moment today to recognize the hard work the girls have done in their first semester of the school year. We are so proud of the accomplishments each of the girls have earned through many hours of homework, studying, and various projects. Cheers to Courtney, Lindsay, and Sarah!

 Courtney holding her report card that has all A's and 2 high B's. Noting that high B's here mean 90 and 91%.  Her highest academic achievement in English with a 97%, and earning 99 and 100's in her elective classes.

 Lindsay holding her all A's and 1 super high B- 92.4% (low A being a 93). Though Lindsay's highest academic grade was a 97% in Social Studies what I am most impressed with is her 95 in Algebra 1. Lindsay tested into this class last year as math is one of her strong subjects. Those in the Algebra 1 class in the 8th grade are essentially 2 levels above the standard math class. 

 I then received this via text photo from Sarah yesterday. Sarah made the Dean's List!!! Sounds so accomplished- love it.

Here is a little online article about her achievement. To be on the Dean's List you need to have a minimum of a 3.5 GPA and be a full time student(12 units). Sarah carried 16 units her fall semester and earned all A's and 1 B. In the article it says there are 352 students on the Dean's List of the 3,500 students at Campbellsville. So this places Sarah among the top 10% at her university. 

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  1. Fantastic job all three of you!!!

    Way to go!

    Love you all lots!!!