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Friday, January 6, 2012

Cookie Cutter Painting

     Now that the Christmas season is over and winter is settling in, I have been trying to brainstorm to come up with some ideas for art time with the boys. Since they are just 2- 2 1/2, the projects need to be simple and since I'm the person facilitating it, it needs to be simple and easy to clean up ;)

     Then it came to me! Use cookie cutters! Beautifully simple and fun to do! I happily searched through my cookie cutters for some craft time fun.

 I decided to use 4 shapes for the boys to choose from

 "Square Momma!"

 Besides prepping the table with newspaper, all that was needed was a paper plate with some paint (easy clean up), and then I let the boys dip and stamp to their hearts delight!

 JT's method was stamping the cookie cutter multiple times before re-dipping.

Little video of JT in action :)

 Finn started in the center with a star.

 Then the flower...

 Finn liked the stacked approach with the shapes being stamped on top of each other.

 Art time fun!

Though you don't get to see each shape individually, the boys created some cute artwork.

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