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Monday, January 23, 2012

Sleeping in the Closet

     Overnight, we had our first tornado warning in quite a long time. We knew since early Sunday morning to be expecting severe thunderstorms and possible threatening weather overnight, so it wasn't a great surprise. Around 11pm the storms started rolling into our area and by 1:30 the EAS alert came over the TV and on my phone for a tornado warning for our area. What that basically means for us is clearing out our downstairs closet and getting everyone up and into the small area.

     Both of the girls groggily got up and into the closet easily and I brought JT down wrapped in his blanket. Surprisingly, he remained asleep while I carried him downstairs. I brought him into the closet and held him on my lap on top of a pillow. Though this isn't a photo of last night, this is essentially how he was the entire time we remained in the closet.

     Fast asleep! I couldn't believe it, but thankful because it made the waiting a bit easier for everyone while we watched the weather updates from the TV nearby. Thankfully, there were no tornadoes here in our area, though it was very windy and a ton of rain dropped overnight. It did however, result in some very tired older Apedaile's this morning. Hoping for a early bedtime tonight......

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