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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year, New Smile

     2012 has entered on a quiet note- business as usual here at the Apedaile house. The return to work and school for all and back to the normal routine. There is one difference this new year, Lindsay is in the process of perfecting her smile. She is back in braces, just her lower teeth, for a short time.

     She had some extensive work several years ago, but her lower teeth have shifted quite a bit so now, Lindsay is back in braces for approximately 7 months.

 Lindsay's before photo

 Profile pic, she still has a bit of an overbite that will be improved during the course of treatment.

 We didn't need to post this picture, but we all cracked up when looking at the shadow it produced so, I thought I'd share it with you. It looks like she has monster teeth that are scary sharp- LOL!

 The T-shirt Lindsay received from her orthodontist- Dr. Cohen. The office has special incentives for the patients and if she wears her shirt to her appts, it will help her get some fun rewards.

 After the appt. Lower braces once again!

 She chose a pretty teal blue for her band color this visit. Lindsay is becoming familiar with the discomfort that new braces brings so she have been eating a fair amount of jello, pudding, ice cream or anything that is easy to chew and feels good to eat. I'll be posting her progress here on the blog as her treatment continues.

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