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Saturday, January 14, 2012

First Snow of 2012

     The first snowfall arrived late Thursday night. It was a cold, windy, miserable day and by nightfall snowflakes started to cover the ground a bit. That meant the watch for school closings began around 7pm by Lindsay and Courtney. Though we do get snow here every year, the road conditions sometimes can be dangerous for the school buses which means with any accumulation or icy roads, school is typically canceled for the day. Thankfully by 9:30pm, our district had made the decision to cancel school for Friday. Loud cheers from Lindsay and Courtney could be heard by my Mom in California celebrating their 4 day weekend (off on Monday for MLK).

     JT didn't get the memo about it being a Snow Day, or the fact both John and I having the day off from work, and he decided to wake up nice and early. I was excited for him to see the snow, albeit a small amount, now that he is getting older in showing excitement. Lindsay also was an early bird with JT and I and joined us for some early snow fun.

I wanted to do a big reveal to JT at seeing the snowfall from overnight. Not quite what I envisioned in my mind, but he was still excited- at least about seeing his dump truck outside with the snow. He was also excited to get bundled up "like Caillou" one of his favorite shows on PBS, which has been showing snow play episodes recently.

 Not much I know, but snow is still snow :)

 JT exclaiming, "SNOW!!!!"

 Bundled up from head to toe. It was really cold and windy out!

 Happy to be outside!

 Kicking the snow with his snow boots.

 Of course he had to play with his trucks in the snow.

 JT got a kick out of seeing the tire tracks in the snow.

 There was still a bit of flurries coming down, so Lindsay and JT caught some flakes on their tongues.

 Super cheesy snow smile

 Nothing better than coming inside afterward, sitting by the fire and sipping on hot chocolate.

Add a warm pop tart for an extra special treat.

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