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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Winter Wreath

     In having a wreath on our front door since this past fall, I felt our door looked a bit naked after taking down the Christmas decorations. Much to my delight, and perhaps making John cringe, I found several options for a winter wreath on Pinterest. Once I jumped on board the Pinterest wagon, my requests for adding a bit of money for crafting budget appeared. Words that have not existed in my vocabulary in the 20 years I have been with John. Rest assured he's not annoyed, just having a bit of fun with his new found "crafty" wife :)

I found several cute options, but decided to make a button wreath. Items needed- wreath form, buttons of various sizes and shapes (note- try to use lighter colored buttons as you will see later on), hot glue gun, steel wool/similar textured product, and white spray paint.

 Start out with a layer of buttons that cover the wreath, using smaller buttons on this layer (only parts that are visible when hanging). Continue to layer on top in a more scattered pattern incorporating larger buttons and some different shapes to suit your style.

 After the buttons are in place, spray the entire wreath with white spray paint.

 This is how I found out using lighter colored buttons would have been beneficial. Had to apply several coats to fully cover the dark buttons.

  Before fully spraying the wreath, I added the "leaves" to the wreath. There were made with a brillo pad (soap free version) that were cut and shaped into a leaf. I was thinking this wasn't going to turn out good at this point.....
I added a few buttons in the center of the leaves, spray painted several more layers and a bit of ribbon for hanging. The final result-

I was happy with how this turned out and my door is no longer bare.
Happy Winter!

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