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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Blizzard Beach

     Our Disney portion of our vacation was kicked off by visiting Blizzard Beach, one of the 2 Disney water parks in Orlando. We were very excited to go to BB as it was a first for both John and I.

 The sign as we were turning into the park.

 Blizzard Beach entry gates.

 The theme of the park is basically a snowstorm that came into Orlando and eventually melted and created the water park. The overall feeling is snow lodge with lots of cute things like these melting snow family.

 John was ready to hit the slopes!

 We chose the perfect spot next to the wave pool. Loungers and chairs all under a canopy of trees. It was a great place to get out of the sun if we needed and in a spot with little foot traffic.

     Since we were at a water park, I didn't take very many photos. Somehow, my camera and phone just don't work well in water- LOL!  So I snagged some photos off of google to share some of the rides with you all.
Park map. It's quite large, but laid out pretty well.

 Toboggan Racers!

 8 people across, you lie on the purple mat, hold on to the grips and race down to the bottom. We quickly discovered if you lift the front of the mat up slightly, you will glide further and faster. Lots of fun!

 Downhill Double Dipper. Ride on a single tube and race down the identical tube slides. At the top, there is a little ramp that the operator releases at the same time. Super quick ride, but the drop down is so exciting!

 Snow Stormers. One of our favorite rides. You use the same toboggan mats and go down one of the 3 different slides. Lots of dips and turns that make you almost lose your mat. Very exciting ride.

 Tike's Peak. Just walked by this area as we didn't have our tikes with us this time. Really great area for the little ones. Mini slides, tube slides, splash areas, and "ice" chunks to walk on using ropes above for balance. Looking forward to JT exploring this when we take the family. I think he will LOVE this area!

 Cross Country Creek. There is something for everyone at BB and this has to be one of the best lazy rivers I have been on. It is landscaped so beautifully and feels so peaceful among the thousands of visitors.

 John and I rode Cross Country Creek after lunch to relax after eating. A round trip journey takes 20 minutes (I asked one of the lifeguards). There are also some great features on the trip like this cave you pass through and occasional cold water streams to cool you off even further. Relaxing and fun.

 Relaxing at our little spot for the day. I'm getting pretty good at the self portraits now :)

 We also saw lots of these guys around the park. Cute little lizards- this dude hung out on the speaker near our spot. I loved seeing them as long as they didn't move toward me. 

It was a fantastic day and it was such fun. I can't wait to go back to Blizzard Beach again.

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