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Friday, June 29, 2012

One Direction

          If you are someone who pays attention to pop culture or have a teen daughter, chances are you know who One Direction is. An all boy band that first emerged on Britain's X Factor, they are now a world wide sensation. Courtney has a healthy obsession with all things 1D and recently created a shirt .

 My clever girl thought to print out a 1D sign and then cut it out to use it as a template.

 All ready to paint!

 After Courtney painted her stencil and it dried, she outlined  the edges in black. In case you were wondering (like John did), the rough edges are a part of the 1D design ;)

 Courtney happily modeling her new One Direction shirt.

 Here is a poster of the band Courtney has in her room. Her favorite is Harry, pictured in the lower left in this shot.

Her One Direction Wall- It changes several times depending on what photos she has from new teen magazines, things she has printed out. This is one of my favorite arrangements she has made. She cut out letters and placed them in the center- the lyrics from one of their songs surrounded by several group and Harry photos. Love my 1D fan!

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