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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Nanny's Monster Truck Gift

     In the celebration of JT's birthday, I failed to record JT opening the gifts from Nanny and Aunt Cathy they sent. Sorry Mom and Aunt Cathy- JT loved each of your gifts! All of the kids especially loved the Happy Birthday confetti Nanny included in her package- it was thrown everywhere by JT and his friends!

     Even though Nanny is far away in California, she knows what a fan of Monster Trucks JT is. She found the perfect outfit for him- Monster Truck shirt and shorts! JT has several Monster Truck shirts, but we have not seen shorts until now. As you can see, the shorts almost look like camouflage. I know this outfit will be among the favorites of JT's. Thanks Nanny!

 This boy was so happy to wear Monster trucks head to toe!

What a cutie with his wink pose!

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