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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Vacation Casa

     As I so sweetly left you on a bit of a cliff hanger yesterday, our adventure continues of our Orlando vacation. I'm quickly realizing that I'll need to make a few double post days otherwise this recap of our vacation will be 3 times longer than the actual vacation!

     With John traveling as much as he does for his job, he has earned several reward type points for the Hilton family brand hotels. Long story short, all of our accommodations for our vacation were for free thanks to my hard working husband! We chose to stay at the Hilton Grand Vacation resort in Orlando.

 This was the view as we pulled into the resort- beautiful! After the initial check in at the gate, we were always greeted by name which was cool. Great customer service in every aspect here.

 We were in the 6th villa building- very Tuscan meets Florida feeling.

 From our balcony, which was screened in, we had a fabulous view across the lake to the other villas.

 The lake was quite large and here you can see the foot bridge that we could take to get to the other side of the property.

 Our fluffy bed.

 Our room had a mini kitchen, nice chairs to relax in, and a first for me- a ceiling fan. 

 The rec room that had 2 pool tables, arcade games, checker and chess tables.

I didn't take any photos of the pool area, not sure why, but here is a shot from the website. There is a part of the pool(right side of photo), where a huge waterfall comes into the pool. That spot was very popular with the kids. John and I opted to soak a bit in one of the hot tubs.

     Though we didn't spend a ton of time at the hotel since we were so busy, this resort was a nice luxury to return back to each day to gear up for the next day. More to come....

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