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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Splatter Shirts

     Let the fun times of summer begin! Courtney had her friend Veronica over a few weeks ago, JT's birthday, and it was now Lindsay's turn for some fun! Her friend, Monica came to spend the night recently. The girls decided it would be a lot of fun to create some splatter shirts.

     After looking at the possibilities, we found some awesome glow in the dark paints and decided to get black tank tops to make the colors POP! The girls headed into the backyard to make their shirts.

 Perfect place to make a mess- hang the shirts on a low branch. No cleanup of paint :)

 The girls had fun flinging paint every which way.

 Super cool effect!

 Several colors to choose from- blue, green, yellow, pink.

 Time to flip the shirts and get the back.

 Looking good!

The finished results- 2 unique splatter paint tank tops! Can't  wait to see the glow in the dark paint in action soon!

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  1. These look awesome! And they look like so much fun to make! :)