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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Disney Quest

     On our final day in Florida, we decided to head to Downtown Disney and use our remanding ticket package at Disney Quest. Before we purchased our tickets, we hadn't heard of this place. Turns out this place is really great! We didn't allot nearly enough time to play at this place, but really had a blast with what time we did. Aunt Cathy, this is a must see for you!

 Standing at the back of Disney Quest- an enormous 5 story building. As you can see it says interactive adventures- basically there are games, arcade games, virtual rides, and creative outlets. Each of the 5 floors have different features. 

 One floor has all of the classic arcade games.

 Another has racing games- here John and I raced the NASCAR circuit. As many as 10 drivers at once competiting against one another. You also get to choose from any of the NASCAR tracks, which was fantastic!

 Ready to race!

 I ended up placing 2nd due to a certain someone I love bumping me out of the way at the finish line. We ended up racing 2 more times and I won the last race! Payback baby!

 This is the interactive pinball game. You help move your ball around inside the video game of pinball. You stand on the platforms that you move in every which way to keep your ball moving.

 John and I getting ready for Ride the Comix- a virtual reality game where you battle evil comic book villains.Our headgear was strapped on to these lovely headpieces and we used our virtual sword to kill the bad guys. Lots of fun and I had the most kills during our game. 

 Time really slipped away quickly and since we were headed to the airport, we couldn't extend our stay. For our last activity we chose the virtual Jungle Cruise.

Up to 4 riders get into this raft, with each person having their own oar. When you start your ride the blue cushions the raft sits on inflate. It then inflates/deflates depending on what is going on in the screen to create the feeling like you are on a raft ride. This was so much fun, like a mini roller coaster.

     This was one of our hidden gems during our trip. It's a place we'd like to come back to and spend a lot more time at. I'd love to go back for their 30 minute class on How to draw a Disney character. I'm sure John  would love to play some of the old school arcade games. This is a place that our older kids would have a blast at and with the heat we were facing, perfect way to have lots of fun and stay cool indoors.

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  1. Oh my GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Everything looks way fun, but I'm going to be spending a whole day in the arcade room!!!! At Galaga!!!!

    Bucket List! And bumped way up to the top! LOL

    Thanks for sharing the fun with us! :)