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Friday, June 22, 2012

Downtown Disney

     When we went to Disney Quest, we first did a quick stroll of Downtown Disney. It is MUCH larger than Downtown Disney in California- very spread out and on on the beautiful water front. Many restaurants face the water and offer outside dining for additional ambiance. It felt like the warmest day in Florida during our trip, so most of this part was spent quickly going from air conditioned store to air conditioned store.

 Glimpse of the views along the mall. Can you spot the hidden Mickey in this photo?

 We then came up to the Lego Store and there were some fantastic displays! This dragon/lock ness monster was in the water!

 Buzz and Woody blasting off!

 Snow White kissing Dopey

 The dwarfs working hard at the mine.

 We then went to the World of Disney. A place you could easily spend hours in! Anything and everything you could want or buy with a Disney spin on it. We were greeted at the entrance by Buzz Lightyear.

 John didn't like how fresh Buzz was trying to get with me, so he set him straight- LOL!

The central attraction at Downtown Disney is this enormous balloon. You can buy tickets, I think in the $15-18 range for adults, and go up about 150 feet into the air. I'm sure you get a great view of the Disney property.

     Too many great stores to write about, but I hope next time we visit, we will have more time to spend and browse. I did score a Disney ornament for the Christmas Tree to mark this vacation. We also found JT's souvenir which will be posted about next. Until next time!

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