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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Screen Shot Disney Style

     On a few of the rides at Magic Kingdom, there are spots in the rides that snap a photo. Then at the end of the ride, there are photo kiosks showing the pictures in hopes that you shell out $15 to buy a copy. Instead of doing that, I took photos of the screens so I could share our finest moments with you all.

     The only ride we haven't figured out exactly when they snap the photo is Buzz Lightyear's ride. Pretty sure we know what room it's being taken in, but that's about it. With the others, we knew and had some fun with our posing. Enjoy!

 Clearly this explains how John kicked my butt on this ride. He is low, focused and racking up the points. I, on the other hand looking upward with mouth slightly open hoping for the best.....

 Our first time down Splash Mountain. I wanted to do the traditional arms up while John played it cool. I was also holding on to my phone as I snapped the photo of us at the peak seconds before that I shared yesterday.

 We had a blast on Space Mountain. Love the stranger in the red- her face is priceless and the ride had only just begun.

 This photo was awesome as we never planned out together our poses on Space Mountain. John must have sensed I was ready to blow his head off.

 Back at Buzz Lightyear. I tried John's low and focused approach and he tried my looking upward while chewing on his gum. He still beat me.

 Front row Splash Mountain- We got pretty wet. I clearly didn't know exactly where the camera was otherwise you would see the heart shape I made with my hands.

John was growing tired of me by now and trying to ring my neck. I think the woman in front of us had her breath taken away from the drop- she looks terrified!

Our last time on Splash Mountain- smoochie smoochie. The woman in blue was so rude in blocking some of our PDA with her raised arm-LOL!

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