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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Build A Dino

     When looking for a little gift to bring JT home from our trip, we decided to build him an adorable dinosaur. Thanks to John who was such a good sport in creating the dino and allowing me to take photos of the process. You'll see what I'm talking about in just a second.

 This is where we headed for the fun. T-Rex restaurant. Very similar feel to Rain Forest Cafe, if you have ever been there. The Build-A- Dino store was inside in the retail side of the building.

 After careful consideration of all the available dinos to build, we selected 1 and started to build him.

 John had to perform quite a few tricks to bring this guy to life. Holding up the heart nice and high.

 Giving the dino wisdom.

 Giving the dino strength.

 To top it off, a little dinosaur dance.  Love that John did all these things despite not having JT with him to see all of his antics.

 Then it was time to air clean JT's new pal.

 Finally we registered the dinosaur. I love that if somehow he gets lost and someone finds him and returns him to a Build- A-Bear/Dino, the dinosaur being registered to JT with our address, will be mailed back. 

 Ready to head to Tennesse and meet JT!

JT loved his dinosaur and he decided to name him Rexy. I'm sure that is credit to the show Caillou who has a stuffed dinosaur with the same name. Rexy proudly sits on JT's bed and is cuddled with when JT naps/sleeps.

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