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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Celebrating 13!

     This past weekend, we celebrated Courtney turning 13! On Friday evening, we had Courtney's sleepover party.
 Courtney was so excited for her party!

 Though some of her friends couldn't make it due to end of the summer family trips, we had a blast with those that came. Here the girls are getting ready to head out on a neighborhood scavenger hunt!

 The yellow team headed toward the right to get their items.

 Th blue team went left and made a game plan on the corner before heading off.

 While all the girls were searching for their listed items, John grilled up some delicious hamburgers and hot dogs- a request from Courtney. 

 Another request from the birthday girl- Fruit Dip and assorted fruits. First time I made this dip and it was GOOD!!!

 John found these large cardboard letters and it turned into the perfect craft for the girls!

 Each girl had their first letter from their name (except for India, since "I" was sold out. She instead had a "C" for her last name). We had paints, fabric, magazine cut outs and mod podge for the girls to decorate their letters with.

 Lindsay starting out with an all black "L".

 Courtney and India working on their "C's"

 Britta and Veronica busy painting their letters.

 The girls were absolutely fantastic overnight. John and I never had to remind them to quiet down. Despite the good behavior, they still had a great time and made some music videos and watched movies. This is how I found them when I got up. Zonked out and sleeping all in a row.

 The four beauties the next morning.

 Holding their letters. Courtney is holding her C, but since it was painted black with magazine cutouts, it blended in against her T-shirt.

To top it off, John and I came down in the morning to these Thank You notes from Courtney's friends. They had also cleaned up all of their messes in the kitchen and dining room. I about passed out from shock in how above and beyond these young ladies behaved. I hope this is a trend for birthday's to come in the Apedaile house. Happy Birthday Courtney!!!

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