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Friday, August 10, 2012

Chalk Wall

     I'm sure you might have noticed another one of our latest projects when I posted about Courtney's birthday. We made a large chalk wall! We decided to do this little project the same weekend I started the canvas artwork as well as painting the office. So we were quite busy and I guess I neglected to take any photos of the transformation.

     The area we painted is in the "lost corner" of the kitchen. It's by the door to the garage/laundry room so it's not a spot where much goes on. Not sure how we decided to paint the entire area, floor to ceiling with the chalk paint, but I remember thinking it was going to be fantastic! Very simple process- paint like any usual paint on a wall but you do have to wait 24 hour between coats and 24 hours after you are finished painting before you can chalk on it. So a bit of patience is needed. The person at Lowe's also told us if we wanted to paint a normal color on top of this, it could still be used as a chalkboard as it's basically just a primer. Interesting, huh? I wonder if anyone has done that successfully with the use of the chalkboard still just as good on the regular paint?

 The lower part of the chalk wall is for all the little people in the house. JT, Finn, and all of our baby friends love playing here!

 My vision of getting a frame in the middle of the wall to highlight to do lists, upcoming events, dinner menu, or something needing attention. We found this large silver frame with a generic flower print at Old Time Pottery for $10. By itself, it is a tacky piece of art, but by taking out the print and using just the frame, I thought it was the perfect use for the frame.

 The area above the frame is going to be used to write scripture, seasonal greetings or something that will be up for a few days. Sarah was so sweet to put up the first scripture from Psalm 27. I really like how she added her artistic touch to her writing to enhance the scripture.

 JT and Finn usually end up at the chalk wall at least once a day. I plan on using it to help them with early enrichment activities. I have some planned already!

 To get a clean slate, all we need is a nice warm, soapy washcloth. JT is my little helper. I have found out you really need the cloth to be pretty clean and rinse often to avoid the streaky look.

 Mason was here to join in the fun as well! Hours of enjoyment for big and small.

 While the chalk wall is great fun, it is a messy activity! All part of learning and exploring, right?

This area of the kitchen gets some extra TLC these days with all the chalking going on. No biggie.

Here is a video of JT putting on a little performance for the family when he was drawing some pictures. I loved how it did a Ta Da and taking a bow!

 While I was taking the video, John was taking photos. Love how happy JT is here displaying his artwork. Perhaps he has a future as a Price is Right model with these mad skills in the arm/hand swoop?

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