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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Family Celebration for Courtney

     It was practically an all weekend celebration of Courtney's birthday with her party on Friday/Saturday and then her actual birthday on Sunday. Sunday it was a family focused celebration with gifts and the tradition of the birthday dinner. No surprise to those who know Courtney well that she chose to have dinner at La Loma's. Afterward, we returned home to open gifts.

 Courtney and her trusty helper JT ready to open some gifts.

Nanny's gift

Courtney opening Nanny's gift.

 Forever 21 gift card!  Nanny, get ready to shop when you come to visit us next week!

 Time for Aunt Cathy's gift!

Opening Aunt C's card

Opening part 2 of Aunt Cathy's gift. I'll be sure to make a post of the velvet manicure when I help Courtney do it. It looks like it will look fantastic!

 Sarah got Court some more nail stuff and did a Pinterest project in making her a personalized One Direction mug with some lyrics written across the top. 

 Lindsay made an enormous card for Courtney...

 and a mini "Harry" doll holding the sign that is wishing Courtney Happy Birthday.

 John and I got Courtney this cute damask bag along with some make up.

 We also got her this cute vanity for her room! This will be perfect for Courtney's hair, make up, and nail supplies.

Perfect spot for her beauty time!

Courtney ended her birthday celebrations by eating Harry's face from her birthday cake. Happy 13th Courtney!!!

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  1. Looks like it was a fabulous start to the teenage years!!! :)