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Friday, August 31, 2012

Potato Prints

     Yesterday the boys had a great time at art time making potato prints! We have been working on the letter P this week, so it was a perfect project.

 Needed supplies, newspaper to cover the table, paints, construction paper, paper plate to "dip" the potatoes in the paint, and of course potatoes! Note my seriously lacking skills in making anything pretty for our stamp designs. I just freestyled it with the knife and it clearly shows that's what I did. Thankfully 1.5 and 3 year olds don't know any better at this age ;)

 JT and Finn getting serious about dipping their potatoes.

 Mason joined in on the fun for this activity!

 JT was impressed what could be made with a potato and kept saying, "Wow!"

 Mason demonstrating how well the potato picked up the paint perfectly.

 Mason liked doing lots of little stamps in a small space.

 Finn took the wide space approach.

 Having a great time!

Another successful art project!

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