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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Photo Wall- Part 2

          I know there were several of you waiting anxiously to see how the photo wall turned out, since I heard from you yesterday after my first post about the canvas photo wall ;) I won't make you wait any further- the big reveal is here!

     John and I installed the canvases on Saturday. It took a bit longer than I really imagined, but when you need to measure and space everything it takes time. John took a few step by step photos as we put up each group of canvases.

 The center of the project- our family flanked by individual photos of each child. I LOVE the individual photos of their sweet faces! 

 Starting to put up the first of the 5x7's.

 Row along the bottom to balance it out. Noticing a trend of the black and white photos? 

 Left side of the project. The only photos that were color beside our large family photo were 2 landscape shots showing off the beautiful fall colors with a rainbow.

Right side of the wall. Loved using a variety of shots of the family on the 5x7's/

 Close up of the Top Row
 Bottom Row

 Ta Da! The entire wall in it's full beauty! This is the view that greets people as they enter our home. Not immediately front on shot, but it's in the room off to the right as you come into our house.

We moved some furniture around and the "office" is more of a sitting room or den. A cute little love seat sits under the photo wall with a side table and lamp beside. In one of the corners is a large, overstuffed leather chair with a tall lamp behind it. I love the feeling the room emits now and couldn't be happier with the result.

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