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Thursday, August 30, 2012

First Day of School

     In looking back through photos I haven't posted, I realized I failed at making a 1st Day of School post! Mom fail! Like I said, it's been a busy few weeks so the blog has been neglected a bit.

     This year, the First Day of School was highly anticipated. It was slated to start Aug 6th, but we found out 3 days prior that the school board decided to not start school until some budget issues could be addressed with County Commission, who funds the district locally.

     To try and summarize, the district was short several millions of $ and was seeking more money to help fully fund the schools. After cat and mouse games, several emergency meetings on both ends, the district ended up getting some additional monies, but had to cut at least $2 million and as it stands now they will be cutting about $950k in various teaching positions district wide. This battle is far from over and I just pray those in authority will do what is best for our students and community.

     Due to all of these meetings and lack of full funding promptly, the girls started school on Thursday Aug. 16th, missing a total of 8 instruction days. The school board has already met and they have adjusted several of the holidays/days off to make up for those missed days at the beginning of the year.

     On to the starts of the show! Courtney and Lindsay!!!

 Courtney is now the big kid on the block as an 8th grader at her middle school.

 Our high school freshman! I still can't believe Lindsay is in 9th grade.

2 of our beauties! JT is now understanding where he sisters are during the day and he has begun to request to go to school like his sisters. A few more years buddy- all in good time.

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