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Thursday, August 23, 2012

"O" utstanding Artwork

     JT and Finn continue to love working on their letters, tracing, and artwork. I was trying to think of a new way to incorporate some fun activity while working on their letter of the week. So I went back to my "Time to Learn" board on Pinterest and I found the perfect idea- bingo dauber dot letters!

 The pin I had directed me to this site that I printed this letter O. I already had the daubers from a previous activity that the boys did a while ago. I explained to the boys how they were going to do their best to make individual "dots" in each circle to make their
 letter O's.

 JT and Finn got right to work!

 You can always tell if JT is concentrating if you see his tongue sticking out.

 Finn had perfect form from the get go.

 JT's approach was a bit more sideways, but he did a great job.

Complete! The boys were saying "O" instead of "cheese" for this photo. Outstanding work!

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