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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Courtney's Birthday Cake

     This past weekend we celebrated Courtney's 13th birthday. We had a great time with her party and family celebrations. More posts to come, but I wanted to start out with Courtney's birthday cake. It was kind of a surprise for her in  that she didn't know what it would look like. All she had requested that it come from Sweet and Sassy, it have a One Direction theme, and if possible have some of the "dirt" like was on JT's Monster Truck cake.

 John took care of the details of ordering the cake. We didn't even know what to expect with the cake until it was picked up. Sweet and Sassy is great about taking notes about what you want and then making it a fantastic cake! We have been so pleased with JT's and Courtney's cakes.

Here is Courtney right before the big reveal.

Since it was a One Direction cake, I thought it would be fun to record Courtney's reaction as she saw her cake for the first time.

 Later that night at her party.One Direction and Harry (her favorite singer of the group) were featured.

Loved how the cake turned out- the "dirt" Courtney requested was now sand featured on the beach theme of the cake. Little sugar decorations and curly ribbon were the perfect touches. It was a delicious cake and Courtney was thrilled with her 1D cake.

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  1. How or where did you get her cake? The stores here can't do them cause of copyright.