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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Campbellsville- The Sophomore Year

     Sarah recently returned back to Campbellsville University to start her sophomore year. This year was filled with more excitement as Sarah was looking forward to seeing all of her friends she made last year and hasn't seen since May. She is excited to return to the Lady Tigers bowling team and she is ready to face another semester of challenging classes to hopefully start the nursing program in the near future.

     The prep for the move back started about a week and a half prior. Sarah had most of her items being stored in our garage, except summer clothes and personal items. So we help to organize and get everything all staged for what was going and staying. Then, in the days leading up to the move, Sarah had the task of figuring what clothes were going to make the initial cut of making the trek to her dorm closet. With not much space, Sarah takes her clothes up in seasonal groupings.

 To give you an idea of what we were dealing with, here is a shot of the clothing sort in progress. Our bonus room was taken over for most of the week.

 Campbellsville or bust! All the kids posing in front of the packed and ready van. It wasn't nearly as crammed this year. We decided to bring 2 cars and I think Sarah didn't bring quite as much this year. A seasoned college student knows the must haves.

 After we arrived on campus and Sarah checked in, we headed up to room 223 in Stapp Hall. Sarah decided to make cuts in the budget and scaled back in her housing choice this year to a traditional dorm room. Luckily, her roommate from last year, Ariel, also had the same idea in mind and made the move with Sarah! Ariel had this sweet note on the door to greet us.

 After we moved all the totes and items into the room, JT and John headed out to play around on campus. JT loved finding this HUGE branch.

 JT decided the branch needed a new home and asked John to help him move it since it was so heavy.

 Sarah, JT, and John enjoying a moment on the tree swing before it was time to head home.

 Nanny was so thrilled to be visiting as this was her first time seeing Sarah's college in person. Sarah gave Nanny the personally guided tour and Nanny got a taste of just how hot and steamy southern summers can get!

 Lindsay and Courtney enjoyed hanging out in Sarah's dorm. It won't be long before we are dropping them off at college!

 Sarah and her proud Mom with our final photo before it was time to leave. It was much easier this time for both sides to say goodbye. Sarah had several eager friends ready to catch up and John and I knew that she was in good hands and more the capable of knowing what to do this year. Rather than being a bit nervous, we are all eager and excited for what her sophomore year is going to hold.

     While we help Sarah get settled a bit before we left, she had to put the finishing touches on her dorm room. Sarah was sweet enough to take and post photos for me. Here is a glance of where Sarah will be living this year.

 Sarah's side of the room. Note the room darkening window treatments- all college students need their beauty sleep ;)

 Sarah's desk area. Little bulletin board with photos, table lamp, and shelving to hold her accessories.

 The closest area. Probably the largest difference in dorms from last year to this year. Just a bit more "cozy" this year. There is a small dresser, a few shelves inside and some hanging area for her clothes. I love how Sarah added the photos near the mirror and the outer edge of the closet area.

Sarah and her roommate Ariel! I am so thankful for God bringing these 2 young ladies together. Such a sweet girl and so happy they are together again this year.

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