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Thursday, September 6, 2012

White Trash Pool

     Still playing a bit of catch up here on the blog. Hope to get caught up by weeks end.

     Sometimes when John is out of town, I'll try to do a few things that he usually does during the week so we have more time together on the weekend and he can relax a bit more. One of those chores is typically mowing the lawn. I actually don't mind mowing, besides the nasty heat, I enjoy it quite a bit.

     Usually when I mow, that means the girls are on JT duty. Sometimes he stays inside where it's cool, but usually he joins me outside and the girls make sure he stays safe. Another one of the blessings of having JT much later in life- awesome big sisters that love and care for him. This particular evening, it was scorching outside so started mowing the backyard first. Then, when I moved to the front, the kids could hook up our inflatable sprinkler- Crazy Sprinkler Post- and have fun while cooling off.

     When I was finished mowing, I came around back to find quite the sight! Lindsay had created a white trash pool for JT!

 JT enjoying himself in his personal pool. These are large plastic tubs that we have used to hold outdoor toys and on occasion as a ice chest to hold beverages when having large parties.

 It was perfect for JT's small size and he loved it! I was glad he was having a good time and equally glad our neighbors decided to stay indoors this evening- ha ha!

 The pool even had a water feature! Such creativity by Lindsay.

In the end, the lawn was mowed, JT had a great time playing outside, and kept cool in the process.

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