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Friday, September 28, 2012

Before Braces

     I decided to look a bit more for the photos I mentioned yesterday and I found them with the help of Lindsay. She said they were on fact on this computer. They were just "hidden" in a folder that was mis-dated. Happy Dance for me!

 First, I wanted to share something that came in the mail yesterday. A cute postcard with smiles all around.

It was from Lindsay! Her orthodontist office has post cards for patients to fill out and send to their families after their treatment is complete. I wasn't aware of this and it was such a sweet surprise to get. It's the little things in life like this that brighten your day.

     On to BEFORE braces! These photos are from 2006, Lindsay was almost 9 years old. I haven't looked at these pictures in a while, it was so sweet to look at those "baby" faces again! As you will see below, I decided to add both Sarah and Courtney as their teeth have undergone big changes as well and how could I resist not posting their precious faces.

 As you can see, Lindsay had some gaps to close on that sweet smile of hers. She also had a pretty significant overbite that was corrected with round 1 of her braces. These were the photos Lindsay saw and declared how thankful she was for us getting her braces ;)

 I just wanted to add this one, because it looks the most like she does now.

 Here is our Sarah at age 13. She had already had round 1 done in California by this time, but Sarah had quite the plan with her orthodontics, poor baby. She just didn't have enough room in her mouth for all of her teeth, something we knew from the beginning. Before she started round 2, about 6 months after this photo, Sarah had to have 4 of her adult teeth extracted to make some room for proper alignment.

 Here is our baby girl, Courtney at age 7. As you can see she was sporting a large, toothless grin then. Courtney is the only one of the girls that has not had any braces to date. We plan on getting her an evaluation in the next few months. 

My three little princesses

To three little ladies

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