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Thursday, September 13, 2012

R is for race car painting

     This week we have been working on the letter R. As JT, Finn, and I have talked about things that start with the letter "R", it was no surprise that race car was part of the list. JT remembered when we painted with cars before and asked several times, "Mommy, paint with cars again for art work?" Sure thing buddy!

 Happy boys racing their cars and trucks across the paper.

 Mason and Ella are going to be joining us for most art work now. They are 18 months old and I know they will enjoy creating and exploring as much as JT and Finn.

 Mason very focused on driving through his green paint.

 Ella, being the only girl, decided she needed pink paper to drive on.

 JT kept making "Vroom" sounds as he was making his art.

 Mason is quickly learning how we do art here- on his own he looked up at me and said, "Cheese!"

Another successful art project that was enjoyed by 1 and all!

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