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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


     Another year of Lady Bucs volleyball is upon us! Courtney  made the varsity team this year and we are really excited to watch her and her team play. There have been 1 pre-season tournament and 2 games so far. This week, the Lady Bucs scored their first regular season victory over Gallatin. Volleyball will be going on until mid October. I'll keep you posted on how the season turns out.

 Courtney in her orange home jersey. She is sporting the #7 this year.

 At the pre-season tournament, some of the student fans made this sign. Love the support!

 Courtney is really excelling at the setter position this year.

 Positioning the ball for the perfect spike!

 She has also mastered overhand serving! Yay! Courtney has been working hard on this skill and its paid off!

 #7 with another beautiful set!

 This is from the tournament and I love how Courtney and her good friend Britta were going for the duel block at the net!

Congratulating Gallatin on a great game. Way to go Lady Bucs!

Courtney's serve in action.

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