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Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Smile- Complete!

     Lindsay's forever smile is now complete! It took about 9 months instead of the anticipated 7, but a great smile is worth the extra time. Lindsay was only in the lower braces for this 2nd round. If you'd like to see where she started this time go here. What I really need to do is track down a few photos of where Lindsay originally started before any braces. All of the pictures I have aren't on this computer and it was before my blogging days, so I'll need to hunt around a bit to find them. That is where you can tell what a difference braces have made for Lindsay. A few weeks ago, she found a photo of her from her pre-braces day and Lindsay said, "Mom, Dad, thank you so much for spending all this money on my braces because my teeth were sure messed up!" It was nice to hear her appreciation and we are happy that we can do it Linds.

 Here is Lindsay before heading to her appointment.

 Obliging her mother's request for a photo of her braces. I LOVE her expression here!

 After her braces were removed, Lindsay emerged from the back carrying a balloon bouquet and a little goody bag. I love how the office does this as it's a huge celebration for each patient to be braces free and a nice touch for us parents recognizing a bit of the $ we have spent getting to this place. 

 After shot of Lindsay's beautiful straight teeth.

 Lindsay also got an internal retainer that stays in place all the time. This will help ensure that her teeth won't shift like they did last time(we used a different ortho for the first round, so it wasn't a "trick" by our current ortho to get Lindsay back in braces again FYI)

This is what was in Lindsay goody bag- all of the things that are off limits when you have braces on. Such a fun treat for her and she has already enjoyed a few of these already.

Congrats Lindsay on your new smile and as I said to her already, "Make sure to wear your retainers because if you need another set of braces, the next round is on you." ;)

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