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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Snapshots with Nanny

     While I didn't do my best in capturing the events and fun moments when my Mom was here, I managed to get a few. For me, it's a balance of being the photog and capturing every last event or not snapping as many photos and enjoying the moment myself. I guess I leaned more toward enjoying the moments by the lack of photos. I have all the pictures I need in my sweet little head :)

 Nanny's official welcome sign at the house. The girls were doing a countdown in the weeks leading up to Nanny's visit as you can see the "0" days for her arrival day.

 Mom probably spent the most time in all with JT and myself since the girls had school, sports, and other activities that keep them busy. JT loved getting some lap time with Nanny and reading books and looking at photo books we have made.

 We also went on a few bike rides with JT when it "cools down later on" as JT says.

 Nanny got to expereice just how swift (and a bit wild) JT can be on his balance bike. Watch out Nanny!

 Fun times with Sarah when we had our last family meal at Colton's before dropping her off at Campbellsville.

 JT enjoying the remains of Nanny making brownies! He was quite the happy camper to have the bowl and spatula to lick.

 Chocolate face courtesy of Nanny.

 One evening my Mom surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. They brightened my kitchen for over a week!

Last hugs and photo before Mom returned to California. It was so wonderful to have you visit and we are all looking forward to your return. Love you.

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