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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New PJ's

     Last week, we happily welcomed my favorite time of year- FALL!!! We also were lucky in getting some fall weather last week as well. With temps dipping into the 40's, I knew that JT's summer PJ's- which were almost always just boxer briefs since the kid gets so hot combined with the fact he LOVES to cuddle up with lots of blankets, a true testament that he is both John and my child- weren't going to keep him warm enough.

     So I pulled out his clothes from last year hoping and praying there would be some keepers for this year. While it wasn't a total bust, we ended up with some needs in the wardrobe department for my growing boy. I ended up going to Wal-Mart for something and decided to browse their PJ's for JT. I ended up finding a few super cute jammies for JT and at a GREAT price! Each set was around $5, a cotton set that fit like long johns, perfect for chilly nights. JT was sweet to model his new PJ's for me each night- check these out:

 Night one- would you expect anything else but Monster Trucks?

 Night 2- Thomas the Train!

 Night 3- starting to mix up his poses, Motorcycles!

 Night 4- Looking adorable in Mickey Mouse. Sorry for the darkness of this photo, between my flash and the lighting this was the best overall shot.

Here is what happened in all the photos I used my flash- a child that looks demonic. I didn't like the evil looking eyes, so I settled on darker photo above.

     Hope you are all starting to get a taste of fall weather in your part of the world. Enjoy these beautiful sunny warm days and chilly fall nights!

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