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Monday, September 17, 2012

Dress Up Fun!

     On a recent trip to Dollar Tree, John and I found lots of Halloween dress up items. We both thought the same thing- these would be great for JT! Since they were only each $1, we gathered up several items. This past week, I brought them out for JT and his friends to play with. They had a blast dressing up!

 JT declared, "I'm like Captain Hook!"

 Cowboy Mason

 Finn's turn at being a pirate.

 JT's brief stint as a cowboy.

 I love this cheesy photo of JT and Finn.

 This is by far JT's favorite- the knight. This weekend, we found some matching hand/arm guards that look great. We decided to skip any swords/axes and the like for the protection of women and children in the house :)

 Mason was having fun playing with Finn.

 Ella dressed up briefly, but wasn't a fan this time. Adorable nonetheless.

Captain Mason!

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