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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Apple Trees

     With the Fall season in full swing, it's time to start breaking out the fall crafts for the kiddos. Loving finding things to do and create with JT and my little friends! Our first art project was to make Apple Trees.

 We started out by making the trunk and branches by tracing their hands and a bit of their arm.

 I had already prepared puffy green tree tops and glued everything on a piece of paper. Our trees were now ready for some apples!

 JT and Finn eager to start but they sweetly paused for a photo.

 To keep things simple, as well as a minimal mess, I placed the paint cap between the boys and they dipped their fingers in the cap and then made their apples.

 JT was a frequent dipper and had several large apples.

 Finn preferred to get the most out of his paint and dabbed until his finger was dry. Lots of smaller apples as result for this tree.

 Mason was very excited to start this art project, but when it came time to use the paint he was a bit uncertain as you can see. It's like he's thinking, "Victoria, you want me to do what with this wet stuff?"

 Mason came around and got more comfortable with the paint and did a great job making his apple tree!

 JT's tree

 Finn's tree

Mason's tree

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