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Monday, September 10, 2012

Garrison Reunion

     This is a LONG overdue post, it just happened to fall right when we were getting super busy and got a bit lost in the mix. In late July, we had a little mini family reunion with part of the Garrison clan- my side of the family. I found out via facebook through my cousin Annie, that she her twin Alex, and their Mom aka Aunt Karen would be coming to Nashville for a vacation. They  didn't realize how close to Nashville we live and we discussed to meet up while they were in town.

     We arranged to meet at Jim N' Nick's for lunch. It was an excellent choice and 1st time visit for all of us. They have some of the most tasty cheesy cornbread muffins that you could easily fill up on before your meal arrives. It had been at least 10 years since we had last seen each other, so it was a great afternoon of catching up. Since we hadn't seen each other in so long, John and I invited the Garrion crew over the following evening to our house for dinner.

 The official welcome sign in the kitchen.

     We took very few photos while they were here, rather we looked at some old shots from our wedding when Annie and Alex were around JT's age. We had a wonderful time catching up, talking about family memories of my Nan and Poppa- my grandparents on the Garrison side of the family, and talking about what each of our families have been up to lately. It was a wonderful time reconnecting.

 We did manage to get a group shot of us at our house before Aunt Karen, Annie, and Alex left. John was taking the picture.

We did take a few photos at Jim N' Nick's, but they were on John's phone (which isn't here), so I copied this photo Alex took of our family.

     It was so nice to have family in our house as we usually only see our Mom's about every 1-2 years. It was also so wonderful to get back in touch with this part of the Garrison family. Love to you all!

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