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Friday, September 7, 2012

Q is for Quilt

     This week, we have been working on the letter Q. Tracing letters and talking up about things that start with the letter Q. A bit more challenging task to help 3 year olds think of Q things- queen and quilt were our top choices. For 1 of our art activities, we decorated some quilt pages.

 Mason joined in on the fun! He loved coloring his quilt with several beautiful colors.

 Finn and Mason know all too well to pose for my camera.

 There is that tongue- means JT is focusing on a task. Here he was concentrating on coloring just the center part of each square.

 Working hard at play.

 For some extra embellishment, I brought out some stickers.

 JT really enjoyed this part of the activity. Stickers ended up everywhere!

 Finn and Mason putting their stickers in just the right spot.

 JT and his quilt- though I must note he put on about double this amount of stickers after I snapped this photo.

 Finn's quilt.

Mason so happy with his quilt.

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