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Monday, October 1, 2012

Coffee Filter Fall Leaves

     Continuing on with our Fall Crafts, JT and his friends made some leaves out of coffee filters last week. Pretty simple and the kids loved it! All you need is coffee filters, markers in fall colors (water based, not permanent), and something to get the filter wet with afterward. I read of some sites suggesting a water sprayer, but I thought that would be a bit challenging for small hands. Instead, we used a small, foam paint brush along with a little bowl of water so they could "paint" their leaves.

 Ella and Mason were ready to color their leaves. I think their hands and faces also looked like their leaves when they were finished :)

 After they were finished coloring, they "painted" their  filter. What this does is make the colors bleed into one another and creates a beautiful fall leaf!

 Mr. Mason always ready for the camera!

 Then it was time for the big boys to color!

 JT was eager to get his colors on his filter.

 Showing off his work in progress.

 Finn was a pro at getting his fall colors on his filter.

 Then it was time to paint!

 I love how JT will contort his tongue in different positions when he is concentrating.

 Finn painting his leaf.

     After the filters are wet, all you need to do is let them air dry for several hours. After they are dry, cut them into the shape of a leaf. You can add details like veins, or if the kiddos are older, have them do that. I just left our leaves "vein-less". Each child made 2 leaves- I sent 1 home that night and put the other in our front window for a bit of fall decor.

 JT's leaf

All of our little leaves- JT has 2 up, but he's the lucky fellow who gets to live at his caretakers home :) I'm looking forward to adding more Fall or Halloween projects to the other windows very soon!

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