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Friday, October 19, 2012

Q-Tip Skeleton

     Time to share another fun Halloween themed craft I did with the kids this week. Lindsay helped me out with this project since she was home on Fall Break. All you need for this art work is glue, q-tips, construction paper, and a white crayon (though probably not necessary for older children)

 Since we are working with younger kids, We made an outline of the body for the kids to place their q-tips on. Next we painted on a light layer of glue over the outline.

 Time for placing the "bones" on the bodies!

 Mason was having lot of fun!

 Placing the ribs in the right spot.

JT working on his legs

 Finn forming his arms

 Working on the fingers apparently required some major concentration .

JT even was counting his fingers- here he was on "four".

 After the bones were all in place, it was time to draw the face on the skeleton. 
 We helped Ella and Mason a bit to give them eyes and a mouth. They each put their finishing touches on it though.

 JT can make a good face, but it does it over and over. Ended up with several eyes and smiles on his one face ;)

 Finn carefully considering his eye placement.

The Finished Results!

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