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Monday, October 22, 2012

Writing with Q-tips

     I was looking forward to doing this activity with JT and Finn. In the past few months, JT has really become interested in writing his name and some simple shapes and items. I found this activity and thought it could help with early writing skills. So simple too!

 All that's needed for the activity is Q-Tips, a little bowl or cup of water, and a chalkboard.

 I prepared the chalk wall for the boys before we started the activity. The possibilities are endless with this. Yes, I'm aware that my stars need some serious work- ha ha.

 Ready to learn and play!

 All you need to do is dip the Q-tip in the water and trace over the letter, number, shape, or picture that has been drawn. JT went against the grain of norm at first and traced inside the circle.

 Finn working on the shapes.

 Working on his name- one of his favorite things to draw. Oddly, he almost always starts by writing his "T" first.

 "Across and down" is what we say when writing his "T".

 On to the "J". Those hooks/swoops sure can be hard to learn!

Finn working on his name. He was ready to make the "F" into a "P" ;)

The boys had such a great time working on their numbers.

It was super adorable how they almost always worked on the same portion of the wall at the same time.

Though they did work individually at times.

The boys really enjoyed this activity and have asked to do it again. I think this will be used several times a week as long as they are enjoying it.

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