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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Random JT

     Today will be just a few photos of random JT stuff as I need to upload and edit photos from Courtney's camera I used over the weekend. Enjoy the cuteness.

JT in one of his new fall/winter outfits. The "Dude" shirt. JT has already developed a love for comfy pants already. The past few weeks when it's been chilly, he has strongly preferred sweats of fleece pants. So strongly that one day when I chose jeans for him, he threw a major fit saying how the jeans were hurting him as he pulled madly at them. I allowed him to choose some replacement pants and he brought down fleece pants and stated, "These are comfy, much better!"

Super JT! Starting to have capes made out of blankets to hone in his super powers.

We had to get a tire plugged recently and JT LOVED watching up close as they repaired the hole a screw caused.

Cheesy as always.

Looking super adorable in the A's visor Grandma C got for JT when John visited her on a recent business trip.

This was just the most perfect shirt for our little man.

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