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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Random Courtney

          So as you remember, I took some photos this weekend on Courtney's camera. When I was ready to upload the photos, I couldn't find her camera. I asked Courtney where it was and in typical teen fashion, "I'm not sure." was her response. She said she had uploaded recently and maybe the photos I took were already on the computer.

     So I looked and while there were some cute photos, not the recent photos I need. So instead of the post I was intending of writing, you will get some random Courtney photos. A look into what photos a 13 year old takes these days...
 Courtney and JT

 Courtney and her friend Katherine making silly faces

 Capturing JT's finer moments

 Lots of shots of her newly painted nails. For those of you not in the know, Harry Styles is her favorite member of  the group One Direction.

 Even a few random shots of Nanny when she came to visit in August.

 Adorable Courtney in her new glasses. 

 Several showing her style...

Courtney made this 1D sweatshit herself. Crafty like her Mom ;)

This showing her love of the Lord. My favorite one to discover in this group of uploads.

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