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Monday, October 8, 2012

Ghostly Decorations

     To add a little more Halloween flair to our porch, the girls and I made some ghosts to haunt our house. Once again, this was something I found on Pinterest. Can't say it enough, how much I love that site!

Items needed- Tomato cages in the height of choice, white mini lights, white sheets, black felt, and fabric/hot glue.

Just like making the tomato cage Christmas Trees, simply wrap the lights around the tomato cage upside down.

Lindsay cutting out the eyes and mouth for our ghosts.

Courtney using the hot glue gun to place the eyes and mouth of the sheets. Make sure you place the sheet on the cage before placing the eyes & mouth on for perfect placement.

Two of the three ghosts- I was 1 sheet short when we made them. Quick trip to the store and...

Boooooo!!!! As you can see, we decided to make our large ghost with amber lights. I love our little trio of ghosts on our porch. These will easily convert to the Christmas Trees in a few months. Bonus double duty!

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