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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Published Poet

Recently Miss Courtney became a published poet. Her school newspaper, Hunter Herald, selected Courtney's poem for their student contribution page.

I of course had to mark this event with some pictures!

I took a few photos, but Courtney didn't think she looked beautiful, so we agreed on using this self shot. Holding her paper- Courtney's is in the upper left corner.

Here is Courtney's poem. 
This style of poetry is called  Cinquain which is a 5 line poem. Line 1 is the subject, Line 2 has two adjectives which describe the subject, Line 3 has three action verbs that relate to line one, Line 4 has- any guesses??? four words that are either feelings or a complete sentence that relate to line one, and line 5 is a single word that is a synonym for line one or a word that can sum up the entire poem.
I thought she did a pretty fantastic job. 

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