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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bed Head Remedy

     Today's post is several different days of photos all put together to tell a nice little story as if it were all in the same day. Just play along with me and pretend.

On the days I take the girls to school, I wake JT up and carry him to the van. This particular morning, he had a BAD case of bed head! He clearly slept on the left side of his body and had a little party.

In order to get rid of that bed head, JT took a shower. On days when there is a little chill, I'll bring out the blow dryer to help dry his hair. On this day, JT asked to "do it myself" He was quite proud of his accomplishment.

JT's super awesome, glow in the dark skeleton PJ's. Even JT gets creeped out a bit when we go to put them on, but thankfully he gets over it once they are on.

Then, most nights after JT is all clean and cozy in his PJ's, he will pull a blanket over to me and request some cuddles. Something I never turn down. I love to cuddle with my little man. After this, JT is ready to start the bed head routine all over again.

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