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Friday, October 12, 2012

Hand print Bats

          It was time to make some more fun fall crafts and we ventured a bit on the creepy side with bats!

The first step was to trace each child's hands.

 They all really enjoyed this part as you can see with all the smiles. I think it was in part that the crayon tickled their hands and fingers.

 Hands big and small! 

 Part of the pre-prep I did was cut out circles, triangles, and a bat body.

 Time to make the bat- starting out with the hands/wings. JT is so expressive when he puts things together.

 Then the head.

 Finally the triangle ears- I had the kids look at a photo example (on Pinterest of course) to help with the ear placement. Didn't help one bit, except they all ended up on the head area :)

 Time to give the bat a happy face!

 Finn made a great face- he made a point that the "eyes need to be circles"

 Ella had fun coloring her bat

 Mason showing his lefty skills

 Bat-tastic creations! By the way, Mason was in fact having fun, he was just being goofy with this sinister expression with me :)

Another great craft for the windows. 4 little bats to greet our friends.

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