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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Kings Kingdom

     Two weekends ago we made the most of enjoying our beautiful weather and spent some time at the park! It was perfect outside- cool, but warm enough for shorts. We headed to Drake's Creek Park to feed the ducks/geese and play on the playground.

Here is JT at the entrance to the newly renovated playground. This project was funded largely by country singer Taylor Swift who is a native of our city. She is a very giving person to our community and we are so thankful for this new equipment!

Going down one of the many slides.

Daddy and JT

This twisty pole has the ability to go up and down like a pogo stick-Fun!

Climbing on the other dinosaur.

All 3 kids on the pogo pole!

Never too old to swing!

On one of the structures there was this great rock wall to get to the top. John was giving JT a lesson on proper foot work for climbing.

On this structure, there was a trio of slides- Left slide

Right slide

Video of the center slide. It's short, but pretty steep!

Courtney and I had a blast on the teeter totter!

It actually required quite a bit of effort to make it go up and down.

Mommy and JT going down the long green slide

Of course Daddy had to go with JT!

Don't let this pose fool you- this is a serious little contraption. I didn't realize it spun around. About 3 seconds after this photo was taken, the girls came and whipped me around super fast! I'm not one to enjoy spinning (barf), so I quickly jumped off.

I did however take a photo of Lindsay being whipped around to demonstrate.

     Then it was off to walk over by the lake and feed the ducks and geese! We brought a few loaves of bread and JT was so excited to feed the ducks!

The ducks and geese are very clever and quickly gather around anyone with food.

Love this shot of JT  squaking back at the geese!

Video of feeding time

There was quite a crowd to feed!

JT wasn't fearful of the geese despite them being right about as his eye level. If you notice, he is holding a chunk of bread in his right/outstretched hand. About 2 seconds after this photo, the goose snatched it right out of his hand! That took JT by surprise! He's still taking about the goose who "bit" him- ha ha!

Eventually, we moved over to the lakeside and fed some of the birds there.

JT had a blast throwing the bread into the water.

Me and the kids(missing our Sarah though!) We had a wonderful time and hope to go again during the fall season.

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