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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fall Football

     The weather has been absolutely gorgeous, fantastic, wonderful this week! Lots of afternoons spent playing outside celebrating this time of year. Did I mention how beautiful it's been? ;)

It can't get more perfect than this! Leaves changing, slight breeze, warm afternoons, crisp mornings, and puffy clouds to dot the sky.

JT decided that is was the perfect day to play some football.

In his 3 point stance and ready to tackle.

JT and Finn were running some sprints to the back fence.

Practicing throwing the ball. JT was throwing with both hands since the ball is regulation size. 

Then Finn and JT stated facing off, running towards each other, and tackling one another.

Then chasing one another.

Tackling in motion- the run.

JT working on his stiff arms approach. I think Finn saw JT approaching and put up the block.

Down they go!

The boys were all smiles doing this over and over.

When they were finished, they gave each other a high 5. Loved it!

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