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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Playing with beans

     This activity is something I've thought about doing several times, but talked myself out of for various reasons- too messy, the kids won't like it very much, it's too simple. I'm glad I finally didn't listen and decided to give it a try.

     All this activity was is placing some dry beans- in this case garbanzo beans- in a container, get a few things to scoop and play with, and off they go! I decided to do this play in 2 rounds- the "babies" and the "big boys" as I call them sometimes. Not only was this a success, both sets of groups had SO much fun playing! This will be a repeat performer at the Apedaile house for sure.

Very simple- a few spoons and measuring cups along with a car or two.

Mason was ready to play!

Ella was very thoughtful in picking up the beans with her hands and placing them inside the measuring cup.

Mason working hard at transferring the beans from one scoop to another.

Success! It was so adorable when he did this Mason exclaimed, "Yes!" as he raised his arms in the air.

Mason and Ella were playing so sweetly, I wanted to capture some on film. Ella was usually very quick to pick up any stray beans that didn't make it back to the container. I appreciate a tidy playmate, though not expected ;)

The little ones played for a good 20 minutes, I was amazed! Then they stated having a bit too much fun....

Yep, it was inevitable..... A mess was made! One of these cuties started throwing just a few beans and that of course turned to huge giggles, followed by more tossing of beans.. I love Mason's caught in the act expression. They were very helpful in putting some of the beans back in the containers.

Then it was the big boys turn to play! JT focused as ever as he scooped.

Finn enjoyed playing with the cups and cars in the beans.

     Looking forward to when we do this again. It's a perfect rainy day, too cold outside activity. I might try some other beans or even colored rice next time.

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