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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ripped Paper Pumpkins

     It's been so much fun working on the fall craft projects with the kiddos! It seems like there is so many more fun things to create from fall to the end of the year with all of the holidays. I've had fun pinning things for the upcoming season!

 For ripped paper pumpkins the supply list- orange paper that I cut into various squarish shapes of different sizes, green paper for the stems, glue with a foam brush to apply to the paper, white paper to glue the orange squares with. *Option black paper to make the pumpkin into a jack o' lantern. I opted out this time from how the kiddos were reacting and losing steam toward the end of the project.

 My awesome pumpkin drawing skills on display. What I did was apply some glue on the pumpkin and brush it into a thin layer. We were now ready to begin!

 Mason & Ella went first. I just placed a little pile of orange paper between them and let them go!

 Mason carefully placing his orange squares down.

 Sometimes the papers would stick to fingers and thumbs with the glue ;)

 After the pumpkins were finished, I used the same approach for the green stems.

 Ella's pumpkin

 Mason's pumpkin

The big kids turn!

 Finn started with a wide placement approach

 JT liked trying to blow his papers into place- creative thinking little dude!

 Eagerly showing  off his finished pumpkin

 Finn's pumpkin

 Afterward, I cut the excess paper away to display in the window

Our mini pumpkin patch on the front window. So festive!

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