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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Coloring Eggs

     We colored Easter Eggs this past weekend. We were all very excited, especially JT. I think he is able to detect messy projects a mile away. Lots of photos coming up to share our coloring fun.

 Lindsay and JT ready to dip eggs! Decided to remove JT's shirt even before we started- wise move I believe.

 JT had a blast dipping, or slightly tossing his eggs. Every time he would place the egg in a color, we would hear "crack" of the shell- ha ha!

 We had 9 colors to choose from.

 Courtney making a design with the crayon on her egg. They never seem to work as well as it should- I need to figure out a new invention to remedy this problem.

 John- keeper of the eggs.

 Though JT would toss the egg in the bowl, he would also carefully spoon over the dye over the egg very patiently.

 Rainbow egg!

 Rubber band stripe effect.

 Just had to get a few black and white shots.

 We had those little plastic shrink belts and apparently we found out we had super sized eggs! Courtney's turned out more like a hat than a belt!

 Lindsay somehow had a smaller egg that was able to be belted.

 Messy fingers!

Finished results! Egg-cellent!

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